Medicos may be made to practise on 'dummies'
NEW DELHI: Working on major reforms in the curriculum for medical courses, the Board of Governors of the Medical Council of India (MCI) has suggested that MBBS students be made to practise on 'dummies' rather than on normal patients or trained volunteers.
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Product Name
SimMan 3G
 Features : 

SimMan® 3G

The new SimMan 3G patient simulator is so advanced, it's actually easy to operate. Whether you're programming a scenario, using a pre-programmed scenario, or using  SimMan 3G on the fly, we've made a successful simulation experience as simple as possible.

SimMan 3G's durable and rugged construction provides you with the fl exibility to perform simulation-based education in the environment of your choice. Built with the quality you've come to expect from Laerdal, SimMan 3G was developed to be the most reliable patient simulator in the world—giving you the peace of mind to know that you can train where you practice medicine - in real environments with real results.

More than a Patient Simulator

SimMan 3G is much more than a patient simulator; it integrates fully with the complete learning circle of Laerdal products. With its video debriefing, patient monitoring, pre-packaged patient cases and scenarios, available Advanced Video System, and other accessories, SimMan 3G is a complete simulation offering to help provide a turn-key learning solution.


Product Name
SimMan Essential
 Features : 

SimMan® Essential

A realistic, full body adult, wireless patient simulator, SimMan Essential offers comprehensive clinical functionality to teach the core skills of airway, breathing, cardiac and circulation management.

Helping improve patient safety

With ‘simplicity of use’ being a core principle of its design, both novice and experienced instructors can now take full advantage of the benefits of simulation.

With a range of Technical and Educational services to ensure simulation programmes are successfully supported from the outset, and a full complement of patient cases and courseware to ease instructor preparation time – SimMan Essential is set to define a new era in simulation training.

Making a difference

Simulation has gathered increasing acceptance over the years as an integral part of healthcare training and a fundamental approach to help improve patient safety. The challenge now for educators is how to make it more accessible to the wider healthcare community, so that the educational benefits can be experienced by both healthcare practitioners and ultimately, the patients they care for. SimMan Essential has been designed to meet this challenge.

In situ and inter-disciplinary team training

Bringing together multi-disciplinary healthcare professionals in their actual workplace to rehearse both common clinical scenarios and emergency critical incidents is a significant development in simulation practice. From an emergency situation in a remote location through the process of definitive care in a hospital, from a war-torn battlefield to a busy hospital ward – SimMan Essential injects a greater realism into scenario based training to further enhance and contextualise learning objectives in preparation for real patient encounters.


Product Name
ALS Simulator
 Features : 

ALS Simulator

The Advanced Life Support Simulator is a realistic interactive training manikin for simulating a wide range of advanced life saving skills in medical emergencies.


The Advanced Life Support Simulator is a realistic interactive training manikin for simulating a wide range of advanced life-saving skills in medical emergencies.  The simulator responds to clinical intervention, instructor control, and preprogrammed scenarios for effective practice of diagnosis and treatment of a patient.  With spontaneous breathing, airway control, voice, sounds, ECG, and many other clinical features, the ALS Simulator is the fully functional emergency care simulator.

Here are some of the many benefits of using the ALS Simulator in your training program:

  • Educationally effective for teaching advanced life-saving skills, communication, and teamwork through simulation.
  • Efficiently targets the key skills of emergency care providers.
  • Preprogrammed scenarios provide standardized training while customizable scenarios and real time instructor control allows the flexibility to meet individual student needs.
  • Flexible and economical simulator platform with multiple modules accommodates a wide range of training including CPR, ACLS, NBC, trauma, bleeding control and first aid.
  • Cost effective simulator for incorporating patient simulation into training programs.
  • Mobile for use in field, transport and hospital training.
  • Educational support material provides quick orientation to case based scenario training with the ALS Simulator. Designed with emergency care in mind, these modules contain patient scenarios based on specific learning objectives, problem solving and decision making skills.
  • Durable, rugged and lifelike, made to withstand years of use.
  • Variable spontaneous breathing without cumbersome air tanks, hoses or cables, allows for simulation of a wide variety of patients with respiratory complications.
  • New improved airway allows for insertion of standard airway devices with the addition of the LMA and Combitube.
  • Difficult airway management simulations can be practiced including obstructed airway, airway blockage and needle and surgical cricothyrotomy.
  • Sensored events such as head tilt/ chin lift, jaw thrust, ventilation and compressions are logged for increased debriefing capabilities.
  • 1400 + cardiac rhythms with synchronized pulses allow students to interpret and intervene using clinical monitors, defibrillators, and external pacers and drug administration.
  • Blood pressure arm allows for palpation and auscultation of NIBP synchronized with cardiac rate and rhythms.
  • Realistic normal and abnormal heart, breath and bowel sounds enhance simulations.
  • VitalSim Control Unit (sold separately) allows for increased functionality including creating, editing and running of scenarios.
  • New Advanced version allows user to write & run a wider range of simulations.  This version allows a patient monitor for expanded applications.
  • Optional accessories, such as Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC), trauma, and bleeding control modules, add realism to the training scenario.


Product Name
 Features : 


SimJunior is an interactive pediatric simulator, designed by Laerdal with the American Academy of Pediatrics to meet the education and training needs of healthcare providers.

Product Benefits:

  • SimJunior is designed to be easily integrated into all pediatric training programs.
  • Available in Standard and Advanced configurations. The SimJunior scalable format allows instructors to tailor the training to their needs.
  • Built with the quality you've come to expect from Laerdal, SimJunior is developed to be durable and reliable- giving you the ability to train where you practice medicine- in real environments with real results.
  • Proven software, modeled from the ALS Simulator, allows flexible management of all patient parameters.  Using the scenario editor, instructors can create basic to advanced scenarios and the use of Trends and Handlers enables multiple physiological changes in the simulation.
  • Automatic debriefing based on the event log synchronized with video pictures provides immediate, detailed feedback on performance and optimizes the simulation as an educational tool (Video with Advanced version only).
  • Pre-programmed scenarios provide standardized training while customizable scenarios and real-time instructor control allows adaptation to meet individual student's needs.

Product Features:

  • SimJunior can represent a wide variety of patient states ranging from a healthy 6 year old patient that is talking and breathing to a life threatening situation with no vital signs and unresponsive.
  • Realistic Airway, Breathing and Circulation Features
    • The airway is designed to allow for training pediatric airway management including the use of Positive-Pressure Airway devices, and the placement of ET tubes and LMA's. Automatic tongue edema makes airway procedures more difficult to perform.
    • The chest rise on the simulator can be adapted to be absent or normal, with breathing rates up to 60 beats per minute.
    • Blood pressure and pulses can be assessed and recorded in the data log
    • Convulsions provide realistic cues to learners to initiate or modify their care plan
  • SimJunior Advanced comes with your choice of validated courseware available on SimStore
    • Scenarios mapped directly to the AAP's pediatric life support courses and offerings, including Pediatric Education for Prehospital Professionals are being developed for SimJunior Advanced. These scenarios facilitate delivery of consistent simulations, reinforcing the AAP course curriculums and enabling instructors to easily integrate simulation into their pediatric training programs.
    • National League for Nursing (NLN) scenarios are being developed based on the results of the National Council State Board of Nursing survey data. These scenarios provide core to complex cases based on common health problems experienced by pediatric patients in the in-hospital setting.


Product Name
 Features : 


SimNewB is an interactive simulator, designed by Laerdal with the American Academy of Pediatrics to meet the training requirements of the NRP course. With realistic newborn traits and lifelike clinical feedback, SimNewB is ideal for training for the specific needs of neonates. 

Designed to meet the training requirements of neonatal emergency medicine and resuscitation courses, SimNewB is the most authentic and comprehensive simulation solution in its field. SimNewB helps improve team dynamics, builds confidence and facilitates practice in a risk-free environment.  Utilizing SimNewB for multidisciplinary simulation based training allows healthcare providers to improve communication, refine critical thinking skills, and ultimately help improve neonatal patient outcomes.

"For simulation to be as effective as possible, it needs to be an ongoing process, as part of an ongoing rolling program that keeps addressing different skills and different teamwork objectives. It goes back to the really important part of simulation which is not just the individual, but the team itself."

Dr. Martin G Parry Associate Director,

UK South Thames Foundation School BSc, MBBS, FRCA


Product Name
 Features : 

SimBaby is the advanced infant patient simulator for team training. With realisitic anatomy and clinical functionality, SimBaby allows learners to practice and perfect their skills in a risk-free environment.

SimBaby Benefits

  • Highly realistic infant patient simulation training provides practice of teamwork, leadership and communication skills in a risk-free environment.
  • Interactive manikin gives immediate feedback to interventions allowing learners to think critically and adjust their care plan accordingly.
  • Software is easy to operate and allows users to build basic to advanced level scenarios depending on the learning objectives. 
  • Automatic debriefing based on the event log synchronized with video pictures provides immediate, detailed feedback on performance and optimizes the simulation as an educational tool.


Product Name
 Features : 


SimMom is an advanced full-body interactive birthing simulator. By combining the Limbs & Things PROMPT Birthing Simulator and Laerdal's ALS Simulator, SimMom offers the functionality required to train in a wide range of midwifery and obstetric skills. 

A complete simulation solution

Providing full scale interactive, dynamic and engaging simulation, SimMom is a complete solution that also includes accessories, technical services, educational services and courseware. Pre-programmed scenarios will provide standardized training while customizable scenarios and real-time instructor controls allow for scenario adaptation to accommodate individual student or team needs.

Interactive, dynamic and engaging

Design elements such as video, audio, scenarios and recognizable environments enable learning to be transferred to the bedside when caring for mother and child in complex birthing scenarios.


Product Name
PROMPT Birthing Simulator
 Features : 

PROMPT Birthing Simulator

The PROMPT Birthing Simulator enables instructors to effectively teach the complexities associated with birthing. Participants can experience childbirth and practice the skills required for successful deliveries.

Product Benefits

  • Educationally effective for multi-professional team training targeting key skills for obstetrical care
  • Hybrid simulation, utilizing a human patient actress, adds realism to scenarios by providing real human interaction allowing participants to practice communication skills
  • Integrating additional products such as SimNewB or Nursing Anne into obstetrical simulation enhances the overall learning and training experience
  • Articulating baby can be presented in multiple positions to represent difficult and routine deliveries
  • Economical, educationally efficient, and easily integrated into obstetrical training
  • The Force Monitor system provides both instant feedback and graphical records as to the force applied to the baby during delivery

Product Features

  • Anatomically accurate perineum and pelvic floor muscles, with bony pelvis modeled from CT scan data
  • The abdominal skin can be removed to display anatomical structures and fetal positioning
  • Representative full term baby with:
    • Palpable fontanel and suture lines
    • Palpable clavicles and scapulae
    • Detachable placenta with cord 
  • Mother allows for multiple delivery positions and techniques:
    • Normal delivery
    • Breech delivery
    • Vacuum delivery
    • Shoulder dystocia management
    • Forceps delivery
    • Delivery of placenta


Product Name
Advanced Video System
 Features : 

Advanced Video System

Improving learning with high quality debriefing.

Debriefing is a critical part of simulation based education, and this process can be enhanced with top quality video debriefing systems. To help educators, Laerdal introduces the Advanced Video System (AVS). The AVS is a simple, effective debriefing system that enables SimMan and SimBaby users to easily capture simulation video, audio, data logs, and patient monitoring.

It automatically integrates data from up to four video cameras, a microphone, and patient monitoring with the event log from any of Laerdal's Advanced Patient Simulators, creating a debriefing file that is easy to review with students, manage, and share. The AVS can also be integrated into your simulation center's Local Area Network, allowing simulations to be viewed throughout your facility. These features, combined with the Advanced Video System's simple operation and flexible user interface allow debriefing to become an easier and more effective part of your simulation based education.

Product Benefits

Capture the dynamics of your simulation by embedding audio and video streams with the synchronized data log and patient monitor on a single debrief file. Debriefing with AVS will accurately replay scenarios and show what occurred, as opposed to student perceptions of what occurred.

The AVS simplifies the delivery and presentation of scenario debriefing by providing instructors with a tool to review all student assessments, therapies, patient interactions, critical thinking skills, and communication skills. Students will benefit from observing the impact of their actions or inactions.

The time indexed playback feature of the AVS helps facilitate debriefing. Instructors can quickly and easily move to specific segments within a scenario where learning objectives need to be addressed.

Reinforce learning objectives during debriefing by displaying comments added to the log during the scenario. Additionally, instructors can annotate these comments, as needed, during the debriefing process.

The AVS allows instructors to easily manage the delivery, storage, and distribution of debriefing files. The files can be stored to a local hard disk, network server, or exported to a variety of portable media. Students can take debriefing files home for further reflection. Simulations can also be viewed within your facility by integrating AVS with your network.


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